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Reviews and Testimonials

“Hallo - On the 27th of June 2007 I was fortunate to win an amazing M19 violin.------Today , after so many months, I have to tell you that it is a marvelous instrument  -  it seems to echo my emotions and feelings.  I also have a Stentor Elysee, a La Prevotte [1850] and a Sindelar.   The M19  [Zabin Ma] is a beautiful instrument, an excellent piece of craftmanship and it has a rich sound.    I would recommend it to advanced musicians.  I have no doubt that Chinese violins are very well made and can sing if the violinist is able to sing !!     Kind regards”---------------   Albertus Meyer

“the instrument arrived and I now have it set-up and working. It is a beautiful and great sounding instrument and the bow is one of the best I have used. I am deeply impressed”-----Rohan K

“Many thanks for this nice and characterful instrument and the other pieces. Wonderful flamed maple the top spruce is a dream, narrow yearlines, the finish is very nice and warm in character. Tone of this Instrument is clear and warm. I think, with my lovely strings a wonderful violin. If i play this any time i mean the tone to become better and beautiful.
Many thank to your workers in our manufakturing violin workshop for masterpieces.
Many thanks for your patience and help for my worry with the custom.
best wishes for you from a friend in germany.”------Uwe Herbst

“Please give my regards to Master Mazibin. I play a 7/8 cello from hin.
All people here are very surprised, because this smal cello has so a big
sound. Moore then all the 4/4 celli. And the sound is very nice.
Please tell me, how I can send the bow back to you and what we make
With the best regards,”------------Meike Ritters

“yesterday arrived your bow parcel. Thanks for this excellent bows. Especially I am surprised about the Africa Blackwood bows. It is a real alternative to cheaper pernambuco bows, to buy such bows! Strong an well playable!”-----Olaf




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